A Guide to Weekend in Quarantine: Maine Edition

Slowly but surely, restaurants, hotels, and businesses are opening up. During this time I hopped in the car for a 3 hour ride and drove to a cabin in Bethel, Maine for a weekend getaway. For anyone else that wants to spend a weekend in the Acadian Forest while socially distancing, this is the blog for you.

Friday Night

Me and the friends that I have been quarantined with drove up and settled in our cabin at Mount Abram. I love this area of Maine, especially Mount Abram. It is a small mountain just 15 minutes from the much more popular ski resort, Sunday River. It has plenty to do, no matter the season. There are plenty of condos, cabins, and air bnb’s to rent in the area.

At this time me and my friends made dinner- fried eggplant and tortilla chips with salsa. Afterwards, we went outside and enjoyed the nice weather. We made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. I love coming up north because the sky is always very clear and bright. This is because the air is less polluted and many more stars are visible from up here. We had to be careful though, make sure to wear bug spray and maybe have bear spray handy as the bears often come out at night. Afterwards we went to bed ready for an upcoming day full of adventure.

Saturday Morning

We got up around 10 in the morning. We ate breakfast- avocado toast, put on bathing suits, and got ready for the day. Then we chatted amongst ourselves and took the dogs out for a walk in the trails

Saturday Afternoon

Around 2 pm we hopped in the car and drove to a swimming hole nearby. Down a dirt path are two really great swimming spots. My favorite is Frenchmans. The river along the road leads to a small waterfall. Around the fall are huge boulders that are perfect for adrenaline junkies who want to jump off the rocks into the clear water. Don’t be too scared though, it is pretty common to see young kids sliding off of the rocks downs the waterfall, so it is pretty safe. The water is freezing cold because it is mountain water, but it is perfect on a hot summer day. To get to Frenchmans you have to pass by the S Curve, which is a mellow part of the river that functions as a beach. If you are looking for a chill place to lounge this is better for you. Take a look here at swimming holes and waterfalls in Bethel and the locations of each spot.

Sunday Morning

After a quick breakfast, we got up and drove about a half hour to hike on the

Appalachian Mountain Trail. It was a pretty steep hike that was just over a mile long. Though I am not a pro hiker, I would not suggest bringing young kids or dogs. We climbed over boulders, bridges, and through trees, and there are several steep drop offs that are pretty dangerous. I am not a huge fan of hikes, but this one was very fun. There are hundreds of trails in the area and any of them would be a great way to incorporate exercise into your weekend excursion. Be careful of the poison ivy though, I had to learn that the hard way, so once you get home take a shower immediately and avoid touching your face. 

Sunday Afternoon

After this, we wanted to take a quick dip to cool down. We went to Bryant Pond for a quick swim before heading home to shower, pack up, and head home.

I love Maine and this is just what I did in only one weekend. There are plenty of other fun activities that I love to do at Mount Abram while socially distancing. I am going up again this week and am fortunate enough to find a great place to retreat to when life gets a little crazy. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog article on another weekend in Maine which will entail biking, kayaking, and beautiful sunset views.

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