Boston During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Boston is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to do beyond eating chowder and watching baseball at Fenway Park. Follow me to two of my favorite destinations in Boston, North End and Back Bay, and how they have changed due to the Pandemic. 

North End

I grew up on the streets of North End, known as Boston’s “Little Italy”, and Fanuel Hall. Running through the North Canal Fountains, browsing the Weekly Farmers Market, watching street performances, and falling asleep on a chair of Cafe Vittoria with a stomach full of cannoli’s and cupcakes from the Modern Pastry store was a regular day out for me. This pandemic has shaped North End in ways I would not have expected, both for better and for worse.

One big change, which I have really enjoyed is the new set up. They have reserved parts of the street for restaurants. Due to Covid, restaurants needed more space, and to maximize space they have added outdoor seating on the street. This has made North End feel even more like a little European neighborhood and I enjoyed this innovative change. 

Indoor seating is still offered in all the restaurants. Restaurants on North End’s main street generally have large windows that are always open and give an outdoor feel to the area.

My favorite places to eat at are Trattoria Il Panino, Quattro, Mother Anna’s, and Pagliuca’s Ristorante for Dinner, Cafe Vittoria for coffee and drinks, Dolce for gelato, and Modern Pastry for dessert. When I visited a couple days ago I went to Pagliuca’s and got an amazing potato gnocchi. Modern Pastry has some of the best desserts in all of Boston. I can never decide between the Cannolis, Boston Creme Mini Cake, butter cookies, or cupcakes. 

Fun fact: Modern Pastry is the first place my mom worked at when she first moved to America. She knows all the workers and the owner of the store very well, and when they see us we get to go into the back of the store and get some extra complementary desserts!

Some other changes in North End is that it is way less crowded than usual. It makes finding a restaurant or place to park a ton easier (though I always park in a garage). Another big difference is that you won’t find any street performances anymore. They are most common in front of Quincy Market (which just reopened), but due to social distancing guidelines it is not practical for people to crowd together and watch a performance. 

Back Bay and Newbury Street

For months Newbury Street in Boston was closed. This area has been less impacted than North End, but still there are some differences. The main difference now is that there are less people on the street, and restaurants and stores can only have half as many people as usual so there are often waits. Some of my favorite places

to go shopping on Newbury street are Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, the Nike Store, Zara, but there are also some awesome boutiques sprinkled around as well as high end or luxury stores like Burberry or Cartier. Great places to eat are Cheers, Cafeteria, Joe’s American Bar and Grill, Mother Juice, and by CHLOE (which is an awesome option for people on plant based diets).

Newbury Street and the Back Bay area is really fun for a night out. My 16th birthday was about a week ago and my friends and I took to Newbury Street. From here you can also stroll through Boston Commons and the Prudential Center.

I love Boston, especially Back Bay and Newbury Street. I am glad to share with you how to navigate my favorite places in the city during the Coronavirus. Mainly keep in mind that masks must be worn around others and respect one another's space. I highly suggest a visit to Boston, whether that is during Covid-19 or not. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog articles, and if you liked this post check out my blog post, Boston’s Hidden Harbor- Marina Bay

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