Boston’s Hidden Harbor- Marina Bay

Tired of Boston’s bustling city life and are looking to experience a classic New England waterfront destination? In that case, take a step right outside of Boston because Marina Bay is perfect for you.

What is Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a neighborhood in Boston’s outskirts. Here you can find a peaceful boardwalk, shops, lounges, docks, and more! Though it itself is not a vacation getaway like Chatham, Gloucester, or the Nantucket, it is a perfect place to get a feel of a summer in New England, while staying connected to the city. You can even spot Boston's skyline across the water. 

My Experience

Growing up, my parents took me to Marina Bay very often. Every summer my parents' friends and I would spend our Sunday afternoon dining at the restaurants, taking pictures in the gazebos, listening to musicians, and talking amongst ourselves. I remember Marina Bay being one of the highlights of my childhood, and I was elated to go there every week.  


There are several awesome activities to do at Marina Bay

Boating: Being a part of the local yacht club isn’t the only way to get out onto the water! Book a boat through Boston Belle Charters located in Marina Bay to rent a boat for the night and cruise around Boston Harbor. You could also find a party boat for a fun night out.

Aria Salon and Spa: Relax by the water, get a massage, paint your nails. This will perfectly compliment your getaway from city life.

Grab a bite to eat: There are plenty of amazing restaurant and food options. Pass the time with friends and family by sharing a meal with them! Try Reelhouse Marina Bay, Port 305, Siros Restaurant, Victory Point, and maybe go for some dancing and food at Waterclub Marina. If you're looking to indulge in sweets, go for some ice cream at Cream and Sugar at the edge of the boardwalk. 

Go for a walk: Catch up with your family and friends as you explore the area. After walking up and down the boardwalk enter the small pier where you can find fishers and adventurous swimmers diving into the water. Afterwards go for a small stroll around the town and gaze at the beautiful clock tower memorial. Then lounge in the several gazebos staged in the grass. Maybe even hold a picnic. It is beautiful enough so that I have seen several proposals here! When me and my brother were younger we would chase each other around in the grass and throw a ball to our dog (whom we also brought along for the trip). 

Where to Stay

There is nowhere to stay directly inside of Marina Bay (unless you are looking to get a condo there) you will have to commute to Marina Bay. It is located in Quincy, Massachusetts off of Dorchester Bay. It is just 15 minutes away by car from Boston. There are several buses and train lines going to Marina Bay, as well. 

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