Columbus Day- A Personal Reflection

Columbus Day is a day recognized for exploration, new beginnings, and adventure. Despite the dismal truth behind Columbus Day, I take advantage of my extra day off by embracing these qualities in some way, shape, or form.

I am a traveler. I crave adventure and experience. I love to learn new things, embrace new cultures, and appreciate spontaneity. I fantasize about the places I can go, the new people I can meet on my travels, and the lessons that I will learn. I collect photos of all the places I dream of going- Thailand, Amsterdam, Morocco, Yosemite, and more. When I have time off you will rarely find me cuddled up in bed watching a new movie. In fact, I hate movies. I am an extrovert and adrenaline junkie by nature. Any leisure time I have will be spent exploring, moving, and experiencing life.

You are probably thinking to yourself at this point, “How does this girl have the ability to travel over a three day weekend?” And yes, while I don’t usually hop on a plane and flee to Europe on Columbus Day, I almost always try to get away from my regular life and schedule.

Whether it be running through New York City’s bustling streets, seeing friends in New Jersey or Virginia, or going up to my friends cabin in Maine, I use my leisure time to expand my boundaries by crossing borders. This weekend I was given many opportunities to travel elsewhere, pack my suitcase, and leave my home. I had trouble deciding between a wedding on the Vineyard or a trip to see my friend in New York City. Ultimately, I decided that I would stay put this year. 

This is very out of character for me, but with everything going on in the world I wanted to take a deep breath and explore the beauty of the places close to me. Instead, I plan to go to my Saturday morning field hockey game. After that, my mother and I will go on a hike travelling vertically up mountains and through the trees. This weekend the cardinal directions will not guide me. The following day, my friends and I will go for dinner at a local restaurant, appreciating the world around us and each other.

While I condemn Columbus and his brutal conquest, I too take the time to push my limits and explore a new frontier. 

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