How to Spend a Day in Monaco

When you think of Monaco, yachts, sports cars, casinos, and French royalty might come to mind. Read more to learn about Monaco’s most beautiful sites before navigating it yourself. 


Monaco is surrounded by mountains. To get there you have to drive through the windy mountain roads. There are many stops and divots along the way that people stop at. I encourage you to stop and take a look at the city from above. The panoramic views are unforgettable!

Casino Monte-Carlo

I actually did not go to the iconic casino because my brother and I were very young when we visited Monaco. This casino is one of the most famous casinos in the world. The glamorous site is open to all after 2pm and if I ever go to Monaco again, it will for sure be somewhere I visit!

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Take a tour of Monaco’s palace. It is home to the royal family and is open to tourists. Funny story, my brother actually got in a bit of trouble here because he was recklessly running through the halls of the palace and was scolded by the workers, so this is definitely a more chill, museum type vibe. Pictured below is my brother and I goofily standing in front of the palace itself! P.S photos are prohibited inside the palace

Old city

Take a tour of the old city. Here you can find many historic sites, plazas, restaurants, and cathedrals. Among the most famous is Santa Nicholas Cathedral.

Explore the Waterfront

There are a couple of beaches for those who want to take a swim. We went swimming, but the beaches here actually did not stand out to me.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to stay dry while enjoying a view of the yachts cruising through the Mediterranean. There are many shops and restaurants along the water as well as statues and memorials. Though not necessarily allowed, my brother and I messed around and took pictures with the statues, and he even crawled into one (I know, he is quite the trouble-maker). 

There are carnivals and fairs along the waterfront to visit. There are plenty of activities for everybody ranging from trapeze to obstacle courses or human hamster balls which is super fun for kids!

Monaco was one of my favorite places to visit. I loved the scenery and enjoyed the glamorous principality. I hope to visit it again someday!

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