My 2020 Travel Goals

Hi! I’m Alex. During this very unusual situation, I do not know what will happen with my current travel plans. However, I will share my reasonable and safe upcoming travel goals taking into consideration the Coronavirus.

Plan to go somewhere local with friends

I already accomplished my first travel goal. This February I went to Maine with my friends. Traveling somewhere with others does not have to be expensive or unreasonable. A short trip to a nearby oasis is perfect. Traveling right now might not be the best option, but in the following months, you should consider going somewhere lowkey with your close friends. Some strategies you guys can take upon during this time is to go somewhere isolated. Going to big cities like New York is not very realistic. Instead try renting a cabin and enjoy yourself with a few friends.  

Go somewhere alone

Take the time to visit somewhere alone! I am probably too young to go anywhere by myself, but my goal by the end of highschool is to take a short trip by myself. When planning on traveling somewhere alone, think practically. Make it a point to travel somewhere you are familiar with or somewhere close by to ensure your safety. When traveling alone, make it a point to read a new book, meditate, journal, take pictures, and make new friends! 

Go on a road trip

Avoid the airports during this time! Take your car and visit somewhere new. Listen to music, stop in a new place each night, and enjoy your time on the road. My family’s forte is road trips. Wherever we go, we never settle in one place. We always rent a car and try to see as much as we can, whether it's California or Italy. We love road trips because it gives us an opportunity to see everything and we have more freedom over our plans! Contrary to popular belief, road trips are not difficult to plan. Start off by picking a route, an endpoint, and places you would like to visit, book nearby hotels enroute, and stop in a new city day by day. Also be cautious of what attractions you decide to visit on your

trip home versus your trip there. 

Experience a new culture

I actually can cross this off my list. I visited Lancaster, Pennsylvania earlier this year with my field hockey team. We would go on daily trips to an Amish Farmers Market and visited an Amish Pretzel Bakery. It was cool to see that people not too far away from me live an entirely different lifestyle.

Enjoy Nature

There is no harm in being outside. Maybe go for a camping trip, take a hike, or rent a cabin by a lake. 

Go somewhere without your phone

Take the time to disconnect. I have gone on a weekend camping trip with no cell phone with my camp. At the very least, turn it off and fight the urge to turn it on. It will be very therapeutic and an amazing way to connect better with your friends and family.

Visit somewhere new

Experts are speculating that by late summer we will be back to our normal routines. You can still have the goal of planning a trip to someplace you have always wanted to go to. Once we begin getting into the swing of things/ our normal lives take the time to plan a trip.  Visit a new state, country, or maybe even continent.

Make your own travel bucket list

I am in the process of making my own bucket list of places/destinations that I want to go to. Take advantage of your new free time and be more conscious of your travel plans. I took the time to reflect on where I have been and where I want to go. Use Pinterest to find cool locations and places. Some places that I really want to see are Thailand, Bali, Morocco, Egypt, Netherlands, and New Zealand. 

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