My Global Food Diary

A huge part of traveling is experiencing the culture through food! Here are my favorite or most memorable meals from different places in the world! I hope I encourage you to recreate some of these meals, especially if you are stuck in quarantine and looking to dive into new recipes.

Crepes in Greece

Crepes are very popular throughout Europe. Though this picture is from Greece, I have also eaten crepes in Italy, France, and Spain. This crepe is a “Dulce de Leche” caramel crepe with a side of ice cream. Oftentimes crepes in Europe are eaten for breakfast, so there are generally sweet and savory options. Click here for my favorite crepe recipe to make at home. I love to top my crepes with nutella and fruit, but crepes are awesome because you have a lot of liberty as to what you want to top it with. 

Smoothies in the Dominican Republic

In this photo my brother is holding a banana smoothie, though not too specific to the Dominican Republic, I loved this smoothie. It was made with banana, milk, honey, ice, and granola, so  it was pretty simple, but I really enjoyed it. I ordered this smoothie every single day on vacation, and even when I came home I had my mom make it for me.

Acai Bowls in Tulum

I have been hooked on acai and smoothie bowls ever since I visited Matcha Mama in Tulum, Mexico. Matcha Mama is a very cute, artsy restaurant right off of the beach. It is very popular among travel bloggers because of its aesthetic look. I love these smoothie blends topped with fruit, nuts, and coconut flakes. Smoothie bowls are a delicious, healthy options that are very easy to make at home. Some of my favorite recipes come from the Twin Coast Blog.

Milkshakes in Boston

Pictured are the Oreo Milkshake and the Caramel Churro Milkshake from Boston Burger Company, a restaurant on Boylston St, Boston. This restaurant is very trendy and popular, but small  so if you want to visit it, make a reservation. I went here once with my friends and the food was amazing, so I highly suggest a visit. This place is known for their flavorful shakes, burgers, sandwiches, and fries. Check out their food blog here.  

Gelato in Italy

Gelato is very popular in Italy. I do not have a specific suggestion for where to get it (because you can find a gelato store almost anywhere in Italy). Gelato is very fun, sweet, and surprisingly light. You can never go wrong with gelato.

Cookie Dough in New York 

There are two types of people, those who bake cookies and those who eat half of the cookie dough before actually putting it in the oven. I am the latter. I go to New York every couple months, and I always stop for Cookie Dough! Pictured are two flavors of cookie dough, smores and sugar cookie, from the DO Store in Soho. 

Donuts in Virginia

These donuts are from Duck Donuts which I bought in Virginia Beach. Duck Donuts is a donut chain mainly centered South Eastern US, though I wish they were also in Boston. My favorite part about Duck Donuts is that they serve the donuts warm and you can customize your own donut!

Paella in Spain

I speak of Paella very often, but for good reason. It is absolutely amazing. Paella is a dish from Valencia, Spain, though you can find it throughout the country. It is a rice dish with several vegetables and meats (some places add seafood, but that is an adapted version).

Traditional Paella is actually made with rabbit meat which I, until that point refused to eat. I ate it unknowingly and while doing so I asked my friend and exchange student from Spain, Allegra, what it was. When she told me I was shocked. I vowed never to eat rabbit, but it was actually very delicious! Here is a recipe for more information on the meal.

Fideua in Spain

Fideua is another traditional valencian dish. It is made with very small macaronis, and a variety of seafood. It is super delicious and is generally served in a huge platter that can serve over 8 people. Check out a recipe here. 

Seafood in Majorca

The scallops and shrimp pictured above are only a few examples of seafood in Majorca. The scallops are covered in a delicious sauce and they are very popular in Spain, especially in the Balearic Islands. The shrimp too, are still sizzling in oil as they were cooked directly in front of us. Seafood makes up a large portion of the cuisine in the Mediteranean region, so it is especially delicious to eat seafood abroad. 

Pasta in Naples

For pasta lovers like myself, Italy is the place for you. There are so many options to choose from. At this restaurant in specific, we were served directly from the pot. I got a tomato sauce macaroni dish, my parents shared calamari and alfredo pasta, while my brother ate a margarita pizza. The restaurant owners here were especially kind and offered my parents free wine, offered us advice on fun places to visit, and even exchanged phone numbers with my dad, who was our main translator during our trip as he speaks Italian fluently.

Dessert on the Amalfi Coast

Here I eat vanilla ice cream which was intricately shaped into pasta formation, drizzled with nutella, and topped with a waffle chip. Italian desserts are often creative and fun, like this ice cream. 

Fun fact: I actually was not a fan of the cannoli’s in Italy as I felt that the ricotta was very sour, but I encourage you to try it nevertheless

Finding new foods and meals is one of my favorite parts about traveling. I encourage you all to try new things, and even more so, maybe recreate one of your favorite abroad meals from the comfort of your own home

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