Visiting the Rivera Maya’s Electrifying Resort- The Grand Sirenis 

Come with me and take a look at The Grand Sirenis- one of the Mayan Rivera's enchanting resorts

Tulum is one of Mexico's Rivera Mayas most popular tourist destinations and this comes as no surprise. The white sand beaches and beautiful swimming holes are unique to the area and are sure to please everyone. Within Tulum lies the Hotel Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. The hotel is just as serene as any place on Cancun’s iconic “hotel strip,” but it also offers fun and adventure that everyone, families and young couples, can appreciate. Whether you come for the adult-only spa, the kids club, or the nature trails, the Grand Sirenis is a resort unlike others. 

When I first walked into the Sirenis, I was taken aback by the unusual architecture. Glossy, light-colored stone walls emerged from the lush forest to form a large reception building in the shape of a pyramid, similar to two playing cards stacked together. The resort's unconventional appearance is intriguing and welcoming. As I approached the front desk my eyes were drawn to the glass staircases inside and dipping fountains nearby. The design of the hotel put an emphasis on luxury, modernity, and sophistication.

In addition to the reception building, 21 more of these three-story, pyramid structured buildings are scattered throughout the resort, which total up to a whopping 964 hotel rooms available. There are eight different lodging options, all very spacious and modern. Whether you stay at the Deluxe Junior Suite or the Club Platinum Grand Presidential Suite, every room is kept clean and up to date. The rooms feature balconies that overlook the green scenery and if you are lucky enough, an ocean view. Whites, blues, and turquoise-greens that beautifully complement Mexico’s landscape paint the hotel walls. On the base level of each building, a concierge service is set up to inform visitors about the activities offered that day, guide them on navigating beyond the resorts boundaries, and offer assistance with toiletries, cleaning services, arranging restaurant reservations, etc. The price to visit is relatively cost effective as the Sirenis is currently hosting a sale from November 1, 2020, until April 30, 2021 “from $100 per person per night ($200 per room per night in total).” 

The Hotel Grand Sirenis devotes itself to providing guests a multicultural experience, which it effectively achieves through just cuisine alone. The resort has eight full restaurants and two buffets, but it is probably best to stick to the restaurants because the buffets are often crowded and do not have many options. Among the restaurants you can choose from are traditional Mexican, Steak, Italian, Thai, Brazilian, Japanese, Mediterranean, and French food. I was especially delighted with the traditional Mexican restaurant, “El Patio”, at which I indulged in empanadas and chorizo sausage. There are also 16 bars on the site, including a pool bar, from which I loved ordering virgin Pina Coladas.

The countless facilities and services are almost overwhelming. The Grand Sirenis features three pools, a lazy river, a children's pool, a kids club, a disco, a theater, a Dolphin Discovery program, a gym, and a spa. It also is right on the beach which has soccer and volleyball courts, hammocks, and a barbeque buffet. The spa, which I was too young to enjoy when I visited, is one of the most remarkable parts of the resort. “Guests who are looking for total relaxation will be able to enjoy the wide range of treatments and special rituals to soothe body and spirit in the award-winning SPA Grand Sirenis, which is one of the finest and well known on the Riviera Maya.”  The hotel also offers Internet access, a mini supermarket, shops, laundry service, and a medical center, and access to an athletic center which provides bike tours, tennis matches, archery lessons, and more. The Sirenis offers so many options that your only concern will be about which activity you want to tackle next.

Nightlife at the Grand Sirenis is one of the most distinctive features of the resort. Past hotel reception, a long, dirt trail will lead you to a wooded, swampy area. The dense greenery is a natural habitat for wild monkeys. At sundown as temperatures cool, it is feeding time for the animals. Look closely and follow the sounds of the piercing howls and if you are lucky you will be able to spot a monkey swinging from vine to vine through the leaves. Once the sun sets, the night-time festivities have officially begun. Back at the resort, the dining, professional shows, and evening entertainment create a fun atmosphere for people to mingle and spend time together. Every night after dinner people race to get a good seat at the theater for the evening show. Whether it be a play or karaoke night, the resort comes together and enjoys the time with one another. Afterwards the most popular destinations are the “Sky Bar” for live music or “Disco AK”, an adults only club. Going to the Sky Bar was one of my favorite parts of the resort. I whole-heartedly miss sitting on the white cushioned sofas, sipping on a refreshing Shirley Temple, while interacting with the musicians' other guests under Tulum’s starry night-time sky. 

There are many activities to engage in outside of the resort as well. For the adventure seeker in all of us, I advise you to visit the nearby cenotes such as Jardin Del Eden, Dos Ojos Cenote, Cenote Calavera, and others. Cenotes are formed when limestone collapses and the resulting cavity fills with groundwater. This was my absolute favorite part of the trip. Cenotes are a great place for travelers who enjoy high dives, cliff jumping, and getting out of your comfort zone. People often are seen jumping off the sides of the cenote into the crystal clear water below. The adrenaline rush of plunging into the water was exhilarating. These cenotes are not strictly for tourists, and often times are visited by locals, which added to the dynamic atmosphere.

Another popular destination is Tulum’s iconic Mayan ruins. The Playa del Carmen, which is right next to the ruins, is a very well-known white sand beach. There are boat excursions that take you out in the middle of the water to take photos in front of the ruins main temple from afar. Afterward, they allow you to snorkel and watch the wildlife. I loved watching the manta rays and sea turtles dance across the ocean floor. 

Then I went to Matcha Mama, which was a life-changing experience. Here I had my first acai bowl. Ever since, my obsession with smoothie bowls has grown into a deep passion. The cute little shop, which is popular on Instagram travel pages, is adorable. Besides the amazing food, the decor certainly adds to the experience. The white wooden cafe is brightly decorated with pink and turquoise art and chairs are exchanged for white rope swings that dangle on the porch. The nearby ocean carries a fresh breeze that further glorifies the delicious array of smoothies and drinks that makes the experience even more delightful. Overall, Tulum is a wonderful area full of art, murals, and many cute boutiques and restaurants such as Matcha Mama.

As I handed my plane ticket to the flight attendant on the trip home, I couldn't help but reflect on my time at the Sirenis. I already missed sunsets on the beach that painted the sky every shade of pink and orange, family soccer games against the Belgian and Italian families we met, and even Paco, the concierge worker who greeted my family and me every morning. I reminisced about walking through the streets of Tulum admiring street art and intimate boutiques, and dinners that transported me to a different country every night. Tastes of tropical fruit still exploded in my mouth, and a cover of “Stand by Me” from the Sky Bar still rung through my ears. The Grand Sirenis exceeded my expectations in every possible way and I am eager to plan my next trip to Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum, Mexico was extraordinary. It was able to provide activities for everyone to enjoy and the Grand Sirenis Resort only amplified this experience. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog articles, and if you liked this post check out my blog post, Boston’s Hidden Harbor- Marina Bay

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